Renters and Owners of Shared Roof Residences

If you:

  1. Rent a house or an apartment,
  2. Own a Condo regulated by a Condo board, (this is called a shared roof residence)
  3. Live in a Duplex, (this is also called a shared roof residence), or
  4. Live in any other multi-family or shared roof housing, this applies to you!

I’ll need a letter from your landlord or shared roof board with a signature/date on letterhead.*

Royal River Retrievers apologizes for this inconvenience… but… it would be inappropriate for me to put a puppy/dog in jeopardy due to leasing or shared roof arrangements.  Too many dogs are surrendered to rescue shelters because someone’s landlord or condo board either creates, or decides to enforce, a restriction on pet weight, breed, or just pets in general.  Royal River Retrievers must act in the best interest of the puppy/dog and require proof of landlord or shared roof board permission.

The letter must:

  • Indicate that you have full permission to own a Golden Retriever (specifically) on the premises for the duration of your lease (or the duration of your ownership if you own a shared roof residence).
  • Indicate that the permission is applicable to any lease extensions or lease re-negotiations, regardless of any changes in the property pet policies.  Or, if you own a shared roof residence, that the board grants you the right to continue to own this particular dog even in the face of any deed restriction or policy changes.  (This is basically a “grandfather clause” that says any changes to the property’s pet policies which would disallow renters, or owners of shared roof residences, to own a Golden Retriever on the premises, will not apply to this specific dog.)
  • Be signed by someone with the authority to grant this permission, for example by the actual owner or responsible party for the property, or a board member.  The temp worker in the rental office, for example, does not have this authority.
  • That document must be scanned and emailed to; or mailed to Royal River Retrievers, 225 Lafayette Street, Yarmouth, ME 04096-6122.
  • Please keep a copy for your own records.

*Please note that a copy of your pet policy is NOT sufficient, as pet policies may change during the duration of your ownership of your puppy/dog, particularly in lease situations, and in shared roof housing situations.

Thank you for understanding that my job is to work in the best interest of the puppy, and I am not trying to make it impossible for renters or for owners of shared roof residences. All of my Goldens need a good loving family, and I hope that both renters and shared roof residence homeowners have the opportunity to share their homes with a wonderful Golden Retriever!